Law camp immerses aspiring attorneys

(SAVANNAH) There is a unique summer camp that’;s underway in dowmntown Savannah, but it doesn’t feature the great outdoors, the focus is on the legal system. A superior courtroom is the campground of the Law Camp sponsored by the non-profit mentoring group, 100 Black Men of Savannah. Campers, like Nicholas Sheredy, a student from Savannah Christian Prep School, says it didn’t take long to see the difference between real-life and what’s portrayed on courtroom dramas on television. “” It seems like everyone here is a lot more chill, like they’re not like just screaming and yelling and all that stuff.” Sheredy said.

Other campers like Savannah Arts Academy Student Kayah Brantley says she knows someone wrongly accused who had to go to court. “Well they were innocent and um, they didn’t have to go to jail. I felt like it was good because I know it didn’t happen.” said Brantley, who adds that the experience fueled her desire to explore what it takes to become an attorney and the Law Camp provides a perfect opportunity close to home.

There are 25 campers in total this year, more than double of the inaugural camp launched in 2015. It’s a three day program that’s planned by by the Savannah 100 Foundation. President Lloyd Johnson says it’s vital to teach the future generation about what is really on the line an attorney is representing a client. .”And what we want these youngsters to realize is that with the law, people entrust their lives to you….and that you have a duty to do the very best you can with what you have.” Johnson said.

Superior Court Judge, Honorable James Bass, Junior, brings invaluable insights to campers, especially about the inner-workings of courtrooms. “Our thinking is that the law itself is the kind of threat that keeps the fabric of society together and so it’s so important to encourage the young people to think about this particular profession, as a life’s work” Judge Bass said. The Law Camp will wrap up on Friday.

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