GOOD VIDEO: Citizens Take Down Dangerous Suspect

Cell phone video shows three men holding suspect down

What would you do if you heard a man cursing out a woman and then he took a swing at you. It all happens while you were just trying to have a cup of coffee.

It sounds far fetched, but this actually happened in a Downtown Savannah coffee shop Sunday.

Video from a bystanders shows a man at the bottom of a pile spouting profanities and trying to get away.

That man is Jessie Mace. An angry and violent suspect.

Jessie Mace is facing four charges for incident Sunday at Starbucks
Jessie Mace is facing four charges for incident Sunday at Starbucks

“He tossed a chair outside and that’s when the commotion started,” says Bill Gillespie.

“Lots of expletives directed toward that lady and saying that he was going to kill her,” explains Ruel Joyner

That’s how Bill Gillespie and Ruel Joyner, two of the men in that video,  say it all started at the Starbucks on Broughton street.

“This person walked over to us, screamed at us and the first thing i saw was he threw a punch at Ruel right at our table,” remembers Bill.

Bill Gillespie
Bill Gillespie

“He took a swing at me and it escalated from there,” explains Ruel.

The two men were there for a cup of coffee, but ended up in the middle of a fight.

“We tried to subdue him, we didn’t want to hurt him, we didn’t want to hurt ourselves,” said Gillespie.

“Finally we got him on the ground. I don’t think there was a piece of furniture sitting up in Starbucks when we got done,” says Joyner. People were running for the exits, women had locked themselves in the bathroom. The employees ran out of the place and were scared to death.”

Ruel Joyner
Ruel Joyner

“As soon as the police came he kicked and screamed and fought them,” explained Gillespie. “Within a couple minutes there was a paddy wagon and i think eight police officers and it took all of them to get him out.”

After about 10 minutes Savannah-Chatham Metro Police got on the scene, and got an earful from Jessie Mace as he layed on the ground in handcuffs.

According to the police report obtained that anger and fight didn’t end in Starbucks.

Mace tried to kick out the door in the paddy wagon several times, and told officers at the emergency room when he got out he was getting his AR-15 rifle and “shoot people with it”.

Both Gillespie and Joyner say they are happy no one got hurt this time, and don’t want it to happen again.

“It’s unfortunate that our tourists could see that too. Im all for a larger police presence downtown,” said Gillespie.

“Me being a Savannian holding that guy down on the floor like that I got a first hand approach of the fact we need more police,” said Joyner. “They need more resources and we need more support from the community. What if we wouldnt have been there? Do you expect our..who would have stepped up? Would you have wanted your visitors to do it? SCAD students?”

Jessie Mace now faces four charges including simple battery and terrorist threats and acts.

News 3 also learned this isn’t Mace’s first run in with the law.

He was arrested twice before, including back in May for simple battery and disorderly conduct.

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