City Tourism Department looking at new regulations on Slow Rides

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – A series of complaints now has city tourism leaders looking into cracking down on the quadricycle party rides around downtown Savannah.

“The main premise i think is making sure that we have an environment where tour companies can thrive as well as a residential community can also thrive,” says the city’s head of the Tourism Management and Ambassadorship Department Bridget Lidy.

To create that environment the city is looking at revising the quadricycle ordinance. Slow ride owners are not all on board with what is planned.

We’re still a month away from any vote on a new ordinance or revisions coming to the slow rides, but now a debate is going on for how these tours can operate while also respecting those who call downtown Savannah home

“We do need an ordinance in place so that i know what to do because right now I’m acting on an ordinance that’s on feelings it’s not on any facts,” says Samantha Myers who owns Savannah Slow Rides.

Myers wants to see the city require a peak noise decibel measurement for slow rides similar to how they keep brick and mortar venues in check.

“In order for me to succeed in the city and try to keep the peace, I need something measurable that I can actually enforce with my drivers,” Myers adds.

She says that she has asked that become the way the city enforces good behavior laws on the slow rides, but says the city does not think it would accurately control the rides given other sound factors in the downtown area.

Right now the latest draft talks about prohibiting any yelling or loud noises on slow rides as well as alcohol consumption.

“The biggest issue is the intrusion on other people, the loud and intrusive and sometimes really obnoxious behavior,” says city Alderman Bill Durrence.

The tourism advisory committee plans to review a draft of new rules this month. Alderman Durrence does not expect city council to review a new ordinance until August.

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