UPDATE: Investigation Continues into Marine Death at Parris Island

Parris Island

PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. – Staff at Parris Island Marine Recruit Depot released more details on the investigation into training, following the death of recruit Raheel Siddiqui back in March.

According to a release sent to NEWS 3 Thursday morning, there are allegations against instructors and leadership surrounding the March 18th death of Siddiqui.

The allegations, against approximately 15 drill instructors and affiliated leadership, identify potential violations of Marine Corps orders to include hazing, physical abuse, assault and failure of supervision. The investigations date back to November of 2015 and appear isolated to companies within the 3rd Recruit Training Battalion.

The release went on to say that during the course of the Recruit Siddiqui death investigation, facts revealed a drill instructor was improperly placed in charge of recruits while he was subject to an ongoing investigation. Existing orders, policies and procedures to prevent improper assignments were not followed. Interim corrective actions have already been taken.

As a matter of practice, all Marines under investigation are reassigned to duties that do not involve direct access to recruits.

Upon completion of all investigations, TECOM Commanding General, Maj. Gen. James W. Lukeman, will determine the appropriate administrative and judicial actions necessary based on the findings.

“We take every allegation of misconduct very seriously and will review each investigation carefully,” said Lukeman. “MCRD Parris Island and MCRD San Diego are Marine Corps institutions entrusted by the American people to transform the best of our nation’s young men and women into U.S. Marines. Every day, approximately 1000 drill instructors at our recruit depots are doing exactly what they were screened, selected and trained to do in a professional, appropriate manner. The safety of the recruits and the integrity of the Marine Corps recruit training program are among our top priorities and, once the investigations are complete, we will take necessary administrative and judicial action as warranted to ensure proper accountability.”

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