Gators spotted in area ocean water

courtesy: Facebook

Savannah,GA (WSAV) – As we move toward a big beach weekend, pictures of alligators swimming right where your kids do are circulating social media.

Ever since a little boy drowned in Orlando after a gator attack earlier this month, parents have been on guard. Just this month, two alligators have been removed from Tybee Island beach.

They’ve also been spotted at Hunting Island State Park, Lands End Beach and Sullivans Island.

While gators are nothing new around our area— the fact they’re being spotted in salt water has a lot of people uneasy.

“We see it each year,” Georgia DNR Wildlife Biologist Will Ricks said. “I wouldn’t say this year is any more than years past- but it’s not uncommon- we just see it here and there – if someone’s nearby they’re generally going to take a photo.”
The gators don’t stick around in the salt water- just pass through- from one fresh water spot to another.

“They don’t have salt glands- so it’s not within their life history to be in salt they’re certainly just on the move looking for the next fresh water habitat,” Ricks said.
The same rules apply at the beach as they do when you see one anywhere else and that’s leave it alone and most of all don’t feed the gator.

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