B. Olive Owner supports community

“I just think that if you want to be an entrepreneur you have to believe in yourself first.
Natasha Weston is naturally passionate and determined to bring her ideas to reality.
The wife and mother always had a vision of opening a boutique.
“For me it was just the tenacity, the perseverance, and I always like to come out on top.”
Jumping from her Federal government job to fashion has not been without struggle, but the true success came by not giving up.
“It’s just like getting a loan right they want you to come with a certain percentage before you get a loan because they want you to make sure you’re vested so I think you have to be completely vested in your vision.”
Persistence opened the door for her boutique B. Olive named for her kids Alexander and Brooke.
Catering to families, Natasha wants you to b…
“Original, loving, innovative, versatile, and, extraordinary.”
Owning her true self inspires Natasha to reach back to help others achieve their dreams.
She’s weaving Step Up Savannah into her grand opening Thursday.
Gently used clothing donated by customers will support Step Up Savannah’s Apprentice Program to help men and women living in poverty find employment.
“All of the business attire that you donate it will provide them to have clothing for their first interview to get back in the work force. A part of this program they provide interview skills, they do resume writing, they go through a coaching program.”
B. Olive… stepping up to make a difference.
B.Olive’s grand opening Thursday, April 30th at 9:50 a.m.
B.Olive is in Olde Towne at Berwick. 50 Berwick Blvd. Suite 140.


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