Kicklighter: “I’ve been complaining about Traffic on I-16 for a long time”

Chatham County Commissioner Dean Kicklighter says he’s been complaining about the traffic congestion on Interstate 16 for a long time.  “Improvements are planned by the DOT and they can’t come fast enough especially after this morning,” he told us.

Early today, five people died in a two car accident.  Officials say one car traveling west crossed the median and slammed into one traveling eastbound.

Kicklighter says the state is planning improvements at the I-16 and I-95 interchange as well as the interchange at Lynes Parkway. He also says that Interstate 16 would become six lanes (three in each direction) from the 95 Interchange going east to Savannah. “That is great and it will help but I would like to see even more,” he told us.

Kicklighter believes traffic counts already warrant extending the six lane plan farther west on 16 to Pooler Parkway and beyond, maybe to Pembroke.

He says the DOT will be having a meeting in the next several weeks.

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