Family Finds Father’s grave overtaken by weeds at Evergreen Cemetery

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – This father’s day weekend one family had a little more to do than just pay their respects at the Evergreen cemetery, where their father is buried, they had to find his tombstone in foot high weeds and grass.

The cemetery has had a troubled past of upkeep and several grave sites were overtaken by grass and weeds. That’s why the Patterson’s have made it their mission to clean up the cemetery over the father’s day weekend.

“This is terrible for somebody’s loved ones to be laying here so we’re going to clear out as much as we can. And if we can get volunteers just bring a weed eater or something we’ll cut it, bring some water,” says Bobby Patterson who has been mowing the cemetery with his wife and family friends all Saturday.

The Patterson’s say they plan to come back out to the cemetery Sunday to clean more of the cemetery. the cemetery sits in Liberty city just off of Mills B Lane and Acl boulevard.

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