Tybee Island 7 foot gator caught, awaiting to be relocated

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga (WSAV) – A seven foot gator is waiting to be relocated after tybee emergency personnel captured it along the islands south beach.

“That’s a very very rare sighting in salt water to have an alligator,” says Tybee Island Fire and Ocean Rescue Chief Ashley Fields.

The alligator swam along the main stretch of Tybee beach Friday causing tybee ocean rescue to shut down parts of the beach.

“He actually stayed above water and swam all the way down so we were able to watch him all the way down from around the pier all the way down to 18th and 19th street,” says the Chief.

It took Tybee Ocean Rescue and local trappers more than six hours to capture the gator as well as two smaller ones. Although the department of natural resources says it’s not rare that gators move into salt water. In general, they’ve recorded few gator sightings around tybee island.

“I’ve been here a year and never got a call. I want to say some people say it’s been about almost three years. I ran into a gentleman on the beach he said he’s never seen one, he’s lived here for twenty years,” Fields adds.

The DNR adds that it’s not normal to capture a gator if it is not attacking or threatening to people, but given the latest gator attacks in Florida, Tybee rescue was not taking any chances.

“Even if that didn’t happen, we’re going to look out for everybody’s safety, we’re going to be overcautious and do everything we need to do to keep people safe,” Fields says.

Trapper Jack captured the gator and tells News 3 he is still waiting to get the “okay” from the DNR on what to do with the gator.

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