UPDATE: Power Outages Spreading Across Chatham, Effingham County

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) – The Chatham County Emergency Management Agency has the county under a severe weather watch until 7:45 this evening.

Georgia Power is reporting more than 26,000 affected customers. That’s down from more than 36,000 earlier this afternoon. They add that nearly 6,000 customers in Chatham County are out of power. That has gone down from more than 13,000.

The increase in outages is happening in Effingham county where Georgia Power is reporting more than 2,800 outages skyrocketing from what was being reported earlier with more than 600 out of power.

Georgia Power is not reporting when power will be restored.

We will update you when more information comes our way.

You can see where the outages are here through this outage map.

Here is map for our viewers that are members of Coastal Electric Co-Op.

You can also access maps for South Carolina co-op customers here.




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