Annoying Robocalls, do we need Legislation to block them?

Remember when only people you actually knew called your phone?  Those days may be gone forever unfortunately.  Many people get up to five robocalls a day (sometimes more).  These are automated calls that are often scams.  About two weeks ago in Savannah, there was a rash of these calls with many receiving messages from the “IRS Scam” when you are told you owe money to the Internal Revenue Service.

In the case of a cell phone you may be able to get voicemail service and or apps that block many of these robocalls.  But U.S. Senator Chuck Shumer from New York is proposing legislation that would take the work out of your hands and put in into your phone company and or provider.  He’s proposing legislation that would require phone companies to offer free services to block robocalls.

The New York democrat says the legislation would require both mobile and landline service providers to offer the blocking technology.

Schumer says robocalls are technologically identifiable and that the blocking services work much like email spam filters.

Some phone companies already offer the service to block robocalls from bill collectors, politicians and other sources.

Tom Stephens from the Better Business Bureau says the automated calls are annoying and illegal.  And says scammers especially play a numbers game. “They may call several thousand numbers per minute,” he said. “And if you get a one percent return on a thousand calls a minute or maybe 5,000 calls a minute,  then you’ve got some serious money involved..”

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