Possible underwater signal from EgyptAir Flight 804 detected, say investigators

A patrol aircraft searches for missing airliner EgyptAir Flight 804. (CNN)

(CNN) A French naval vessel has detected an underwater signal that could have originated from the flight data recorder of crashed EgyptAir Flight 804, according to a statement from the investigative committee.

Specialized locator equipment on board the French vessel La Place has detected a signal from the seabed in the search area in the Mediterranean, the Egyptian investigative committee said in a statement.
The signal is “assumed to be from one of the data recorders.”
La Place is part of the team of vessels involved in intensive search operations to find the missing data recorders from the A320 aircraft.
Flight 804 crashed in the Mediterranean during a flight from Paris to Cairo early on May 19.
Authorities hope to recover the data recorders, so they can then be retrieved by the specialized vessel managed by the Deep Ocean Search company, scheduled to join the search team within a week, the investigative committee said.

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