Memorial planned for Harriet Tubman in SC

Beaufort, SC (WSAV) – In honoring Harriet Tubman and her influence among the freed slaves 153 years ago, Tabernacle Baptist Church will be launching a campaign with a monument honoring Tubman.

Tubman worked for Union army and lead the June 2, 1863 raid along the Combahee River that freed more than 700 slaves. Historians consider her the first woman in the Civil War to help design and execute such a military exercise. There are some historians that believe the freed slaves assembled at Tabernacle after the raid.

The memorial will sit next to the church on Craven Street Downtown in Beaufort, S.C. Since tourist frequent the area where the monument will be, St. Rep. Kenneth Hodges who is the pastor of Tabernacle stated, “The monument would tie in with everything on Carven Street…you can stand (in front of the church) and see walking tours, bus tours and carriage tours.”

Montgomery's Raids on the Combahee River Plantations
Montgomery’s Raids on the Combahee River Plantations

Ed Dwight, sculptor of African American History Monument at the state capitol in Columbia believes, “this is some serious history and needs placing on America’s landscape before those of us who really care have passed on”.

The church will provide the land for the memorial while the funding will come from a private sector.

The $500,000 project will take up to four years to complete.

To learn more information about the monument contact Hodges at

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