Johnny Harris serves Savannah one last day

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV-TV) – This Memorial Day weekend customers to Johnny Harris restaurant are sharing their memories of the place on its final day open.

The doors of Johnny Harris open to a line down the parking lot on the restaurant’s final day.

“When in high school we came here, we dated here, we danced here, it’s sad,” says long time customer Arleen Hendrix.

That’s a feeling shared by most customers as well as staff as they say goodbye to this Savannah icon.

“We owe it to the city of Savannah to say thank you so much for basically ninety two years of supporting us and it’s been an absolute pleasure to basically be here through this,” says restaurant general manager Anderson Sellers.

Since the announcement that they would be closing, staff have been slammed with customers hungry for that final meal as well as the nostalgia.

“If you look up into the ceiling with someone you love, you’re looking into the stars it’s just a magical memory that they try and create here it’s just wonderful and that’s really the saddest part about it’s closing,” says line cook Jordan Scarpitti.

Even the seasoned Johnny Harris lovers, those like Christopher Butler who are fresh on summer break from elementary school, will miss the food and family memories.

“I just really, it’s just really sad I use to love this place,” says Butler who’s eating with his parents that have come to the restaurant dating back two older generations.

In its final days, Johnny Harris has seen some of the busiest lunch and dinner hours in years.

“It’s nice to see the people coming out and wanting to finish the memories they started so long ago.”

Memories that will live on after the final meal is served and the doors close on more than ninety years of serving Savannah families.

“It’s a place for all ages. Savannah will miss Johnny Harris I don’t think they can ever reconfigure this building but I don’t quite think it’ll ever be the same,” Hendrix says.

Johnny Harris does plan to continue its sauce brand after the stores closing. there will also be an online auction of items and memorabilia from the restaurant.

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