Tied in the Heat All Day, Angry Camel Bites off Owner’s Head

Left in the heat with its legs tied all day, a camel attacked its owner in India.

According to The Times of India, the owner had been entertaining guests at his home on Saturday.  Eventually, the man realized the camel had been outside in the extreme heat all day.  Well, he went to untie the animal and take it to a cooler area.  This is when the camel got very aggressive and started attacking the man.

According to villager Thakara Ram, the camel lifted the man by the neck and threw him on the ground, chewed the body and severed the head.

Around 25 villagers struggled for six hours to calm the camel down.

According to the weather report, it was close to 125 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday.


Even soldiers patrolling India’s border with Pakistan have been struggling to deal with aggressive camels due to the heat.

Camels are usually gentle creatures.  Experts say camels enjoy sniffing at humans and will even play with their hair.

(sources:  The Times of India, The Independent)

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