Hurricane Preparedness Expo informs homeowners on prep and insurance

POOLER, Ga (WSAV-TV) – The beginning of hurricane season is less than two weeks away.

Marking the end of hurricane preparedness week several people heard the risks of not being prepared for a storm during Saturday’s hurricane preparedness expo.

Experts say the question everyone should ask themselves is, “Are you prepared?”

“That’s a big concern of ours. We’ve tried really hard to go out to the public ad make sure they’re aware that, hurricanes are real they happen, we have been fortunate we haven’t had one in quite a while,” Chatham Emergency Management Agency planner Kate Busbee.

If Savannah were hit by a hurricane, FEMA estimates only 13% of homes are properly insured for flooding.

“That’s why we’re out here to promote this to get people to get flood insurance and that will help us as a community to come back and be more sustainable,” city of Savannah flood plain manager Tom McDonald.

Several insurance agencies taking part in the expo say many homeowners don’t know flood insurance is separate from your general home insurance.

“If the water comes up and comes into the house, that’s going to have to be the federal flood insurance and you can get that through your local insurance agent,” says state of Georgia fire safety and insurance commissioner Ralph Hudgens

Chatham county leaders request residents who sit along a flood plain to look into insurance policies.

They also recommend storm kits. CEMA recommends they be filled with medicine, canned goods and water as well as battery operated radios and light sources.

“There’s things you want to make sure you have; birth certificate, social security cards put it in your kit have it ready and so that way when it happens you just grab and go,” says Busbee.

The city of Savannah has an interactive topographic map that you can see if you are in the flood plain.

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