Possible Tornado uproots roof and trees in Bloomingdale

BLOOMINGDALE, Ga (WSAV-TV) – A couple of homeowners in Bloomingdale got the scare of their lives when strong winds tore through their land.

No one was hurt in the damage that neighbors say was a close call for everyone.

“Within three or four seconds the wind picked up, within fifteen seconds it was total chaos,” says Larry Joyner Jr.

More than eight trees were uprooted. A large pine tree landed just a couple of feet from the Joyner’s home where his wife and son were taking shelter.

“A few more feet and we would have been done. I would be minus a wife and a son.”

Joyner and his neighbor Gordon Spivey had no real damage done to their homes only sheds and garages.

“The wind seemed to be in two or three different directions at one time or as it passed some places it changed to another direction,” says Spivey as he looks over at his Lincoln town car that is laying under parts of the garage roof.

The Shearhouses were not so lucky. Their home along a family road had it’s roof completely torn off by what may have been a small tornado.

“It must have been a small twister just come down and lifted the roof off, popped off a few limbs and the top of the tree down there,” says Dexter Shearhouse who says his family has lived on the land since at least the turn of the last century.

The Shearhouses with the help of family and neighbors had the roof covered within an hour. Dexter does not think there is significant damage in the home for right now.

“If my wife and I had been in there, there ain’t no telling. it didn’t do no damage inside other than water damage.”

In each case, homeowners say it all happened in less than a minute.

“It could have been a lot worse,” says Shearhouse.

Officials with the national weather service in Charleston are expected to come assess the damage tomorrow to determine if in fact a tornado touched down in Bloomingdale.

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