HHI beaches to get facelift

Rising sea level marsh threat studied. (AP Photo/Tamara Lush)

Hilton Head Island beaches will look a little different this summer–thanks to a huge project to re-nourish our coastline.own officials

Town officials tell us this project will have crews out next month restoring the beaches.

Lowcountry reporter Brittany Shane spoke with them about what this project means and why it’s important to the future of our island.

In just a few short weeks the town ofHiltonn Head will begin an island-wide beach renourishment project. Starting on the north end of the island and working their way around.

Officials say they will try and avoid the most crowded beaches until after tourist season, but plan to have the project completed by the fall. Facilities management director, Scott Liggett tells Brittany this is something we need to have done.

Liggett says with the tides, the loss of the coastline is something every beach community goes through and projects like this help maintain what we have–and the best part? It’s already funded.

He also says the project should begin June 15th and wrap sometime in October.

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