Frank Callen kids grow tower garden

Did you know that you can grow a lot of food in a little space?

Meet some children who have a new perspective about fruits and vegetables.

“Each element is different in each bottle.”
Positive energy and shaping a healthier future is on the menu at Frank Callen Boys Girls Clubs.
“When I have a restaurant with my sister and cousin we’re gonna have a tower garden and we’re gonna use the plants from there and put it in our meals,” explains Josiah Allen.
Josiah and friends are learning how to use their green thumbs.
The tower garden donated by Juice Plus Foundation is an easy efficient eco- friendly way to grow your food indoors.
A fun team effort- seeds are put in to pods, pods into the garden tower in ultra violet light.
“You have to have a lot of patience and a lot of trust of belief to make sure that you planted it right and building the tower garden right,” according to Josiah

They’re growing lettuce, greens, spinach, herbs and basil.
Sanai Chisholm loves the garden and enjoys checking the water ph level.
“You have to make sure it equals 6.0, and if it doesn’t that means is not healthy.
Most of the time it is healthy.”
“I’m inspired because I see them growing every week, and at first there was a lot of energy and now they’re calm. They’re paying attention, they’re relaxed, and it’s clear they’re learning something,” explains Siti Brannen.
The kids will eat what they grow in a couple of weeks.
“And make it into a salad in a jar.”
And just think we may be eating food grown by Josiah in his restaurant one day.

These pictures show how the garden has grown since i was with the kids 2 weeks ago.
Danielle Paul, Research Development Director at the Boys & Girls Clubs says these kids swore they would not eat the veggies, but that’s changed.
They love the garden and appreciate it more because they’re connected to it.
The veggies will be ready to eat next week for their salad in a jar party.
If you’re interested in learning more about Tower Gardens call Beverly and Johnny Grandison at (912) 665-6266.


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