Mural that is part of local “hope” project is missing

It’s a program started to offer hope and encouragement to Savannah’s young people, some of whom may be isolated or in trouble and turning to the streets.

Walls of Hope entails putting paintings with inspiring messages around town, sometimes on buildings, sometimes on fences.  The paintings are of African American role models.

The latest was a picture of Coretta Scott King with a quote that in part said “if you don’t use your power for positive change, you are part of the problem.

But the painting, which was just placed last week, disappeared over the weekend.  The business owner who had given permission for it to be placed on his fence notified the artist.

That artist, Panhandle Slim, then took to Facebook to ask whoever took the painting to “please bring it back.”  Maybe fulfilling the idea of the Walls of Hope project, he offered a positive message saying “there are no hard feelings at all.”

Anyone who knows anything is asked to contact the artist and if you took the painting, you’re asked to simply bring it back to the location at 42nd and Drayton Streets

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