Harrowing Tale of Survival: Man Holds onto Tree During Tornado

An absolutely terrifying scene played out for a Nehawka man Monday. Seventy-six-year-old Robin Stoll said he had to hang onto a tree to survive as his house was destroyed by a tornado.

Stoll was in his shed when he saw the twister. He thought it would stay well in the distance until he heard the hail. That’s when he tried to get back to the house, but was caught in the storm. Stoll’s dog Joe survived by hiding under the porch. “The tornado was set over there east for a long time and it headed our way so we headed to the house and he went under the deck and it picked me up and threw me against the tree and I just held on,” said Stoll.

Another dog inside the home survived. The tornado destroyed Stoll’s house. “I didn’t figure it was gonna get me. I didn’t think my time was up yet.”

“He did what he had to do to survive,” said Cass County Emergency Director Sandy Weyers. “There was no way he was going to get to the house and he knew. So we’re just thankful that he’s alive and well and walking around talking to everybody.”

Stoll said he is grateful to be alive.

Nehawka is about 30 miles south of Omaha.  The NWS did a survey of the tornado damage and determined it was an EF-2 ~ winds up to 119mph.

(NBC News ~ WOWT, Brandon Scott)

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