Meth house restored

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH)—A Muncie nonprofit is teaming with Ball State University students and staff to revitalize what was once a meth house.

The nonprofit ecoREHAB owns the property at 1215 w. 10th St. In 2015, they brought in a contractor to test and remove anything contaminated. The group got the green light from health officials and now they’re moving full speed ahead.

Students designed the layout and started the construction over the past two semesters. Organizers said the project will be done by fall 2016. They said they hope to sell the home and use whatever money they make on similar projects in the same neighborhood.

“When you’re actually here and you realize how much work and how much precision it takes to put something together, it makes you appreciate it more,” Ball State architecture student Amanda Heinzman said.

Ecorehab teamed with Ball State on four other Muncie homes.

Jon Spodek, an architecture professor at Ball State said this is the first meth house the team has worked on.

“The students have poured their heart into it this semester. It’s been great,” Spodek said. “They’re coming in on weekends and working. They’re coming in on days that we don’t meet formally as a class.”

Organizers said they’re also installing high efficiency equipment to make the utilities affordable. Their budget for the project is $54,000 dollars and Podek said they’re right on target.

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