Dancing Stars of Coastal Georgia 2016: Jules De Jesus Fritz is cuttin’ a rug for a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease

Jules de Jesus and her Grammy.


Every 67 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer’s Disease,  according to the Alzheimer’s Association.
In an effort to take steps towards finding a cure, more than two dozen people are putting their dancing shoes on and showing off their best moves to raise money for awareness.
News 3’s Courtney Cole has the story.


Meet Jules De Jesus Fritz.
She’s beauty coach  by day, and a dancing star by night…well…at least when it comes to raising money for Alzheimer’s Disease– a cause that’s close to her heart.
“My Grammy, I’m dancing for my Grammy, I love her so much! And she’s the epitome of a classy lady.”
Fritz says it was heartbreaking when her family found out that Grammy was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
“We want to her to stay Grammy, we don’t want to lose any bit of that. ”
So she says participating in the “Dancing Stars of Coastal Georgia” program is her way of fighting for her grandmother’s life.
“We’re not that far away from finding a cure, so I like the hope I’m bringing to it, it represents so many people that are out there battling this,” Fritz told News 3.
And what makes the experience even more special for Fritz and her family is that Grammy’s got a love for dance, too!
“Oh my goodness, the excitement! Because Grammy dances! She loves to dance. They just recently sent me a video where she’s in an assisted facility (dementia-friendly) the way she was dancing and oh my goodness, the way she was dancing I was blown away! I’m like, ‘she needs to be a participant.”

In addition to hours of practice on the dance floor, she’s put in countless hours in the community, raising just over $15,000 of her $20,000 goal.

“The amount of gratitude that has been given to me, ‘thank you for doing this’, ‘this is really tough’, ‘you’re really brave for doing this’, thank you, thank you, thank you…and that is just, what do you do with that? You take all of it in and put it in your heart and you give it all you’ve got!”
…For everyone affected by the disease.
“It’s not something that you should do alone and you don’t have to do alone and that’s why we’re doing this, is to bring a many resources as possible so that the new folks that are unfortunately being touched by this disease, but also the previous folks. Everybody can rally together and love on each other and be there for what they need,” said Fritz.

Want to find out more about the Dancing Stars of Coastal Georgia Program? Click here: http://bit.ly/1QU54g0

Click here to learn more about Jules De Jesus Fritz: http://bit.ly/1QUBkGq

Click here to learn more about the other dancers in tonight’s program: http://bit.ly/1RqnNk7

Make a donation: http://bit.ly/1QU5aV2


Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness:

What are the signs & symptoms of the disease? : http://bit.ly/19BXG4p

More general information about Alzheimer’s disease: http://bit.ly/1LbKIlf

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