Burning in South Carolina: What you need to know

A massive wildfire in Canada spans hundreds of square miles, as thousands of people evacuate their homes. Firefighters in the South Carolina lowcountry say its a scene that almost happen anywhere, if folks don’t follow burning recommendations.

Firefighter Lee Levesque with the Bluffton Township Fire District says the worst time for a controlled burn is on a dry, windy day.

“We don’t want anyone to lose their homes, and unfortunately here in the Lowcountry, we can probably expect two to five homes to be lost by fires that started very small and even attended by a homeowner or a local person, just taking care of trash or yard debris,” Levesque says.

There are currently no burning bans in place by the South Carolina Forestry Commission, but that information is updated online daily. To view information on burning alerts in South Carolina from the forestry commission, click here.

Levesque offers this advice, to “make sure you have a hose, a phone, and never walk away from the fire….make sure the fire is far enough away from a home or any building, whether it be a shed or otherwise,” whenever people burn.

There are also requirements, such as permitting, in place in certain municipalities.

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