Ohio stores pull 50 Cent’s ‘Effen Vodka’


Dayton, Ohio (WDTN) – Stores throughout the area are now boycotting rap artist 50 Cent’s promoted ‘Effen Vodka’.

The rapper berated an employee at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport while in town promoting his new liquor. 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson III, posted and later deleted a video he posted to social media over the weekend.

Now, Jungle Jim’s International market based out of Fairfield — and Arrow Wine and Spirits’ Washington Twp. location — are the next to pull the liquor.

Arrow Wine’s Centerville location pulled the vodka Sunday and the Kettering location pulled the vodka Tuesday.

As an international market, Jungle Jim’s is a place of inclusion, and one that respects and appreciates all cultures, abilities, and needs. Jungle Jim’s does not condone such derogatory, negative, and hurtful behavior, and were disappointed and upset by the incident that took place. – Jungle Jim’s International Market.

“This new generation is crazy. It’s crazy,” 50 Cent said in the selfie video. The rapper then turns the camera on an airport employee, pushing a cart through the airport terminal. “Look at him. What kind of [expletive] do you think he took before coming to work today? He high as a [expletive] right here in the airport. His pupils dilated and everything… ”

The teen’s father says his son was not on drugs, but rather suffers from a disability and has social anxiety.

Late Tuesday, the rapper issued an apology by way of his attorney.

An apology issued by 50 Cent’s attorney came late Tuesday after the family says their son was not high, as the rapper said, but is rather disabled (Courtesy: WLWT).

The family said they accepted the rapper’s apology. They released a statement to WLWT saying:

“We would first like to thank everyone for the amazing amount of support that they have shown over the past few days. It has been an emotional roller coaster that we are ready to put to rest. As requested, we have received a letter apologizing for 50 Cent’s behavior and we have chosen to accept it, along with a request that a donation be made to Autism Speaks. Though a letter of apology will not undo what 50 Cent has put our family through, we are choosing to forgive. A great lesson can be learned from this heartbreaking situation. Regardless of the way that another person appears to you, it is never OK to publicly humiliate them via social media. We hope that this situation brings more awareness to what people with autism and other forms of social anxiety suffer through on a daily basis. Again, we thank the growing number of supporters who have shown both love and acceptance during this difficult time.”


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