UPDATE: Gov. Nathan Deal vetoes “Campus Carry” legislation

UPDATE: News 3 spoke with students on the Armstrong State University campus Tuesday night, they tell us they are relieved that the bill is dead.

“People could just carry, you never know what someone’s carrying, what they’re thinking, how their day was. And it would just be easier for everybody to just not be able to carry it rather than not knowing what people have in their bags,” said sophomore, Kityara James.

“I feel safer knowing that some of the students here wouldn’t be able to have a gun, because I know like a few go through traumatic times and everything, I just feel safer knowing that I don’t really have to worry about that. yea,” junior, Cody Ledford agreed.

House Bill 859, which would have legalized concealed weapons on campuses in the Georgia state university system, is vetoed by Governor Nathan Deal.
The governor asked the legislation be changed to exclude on-campus daycares and other places. However, legislators refused to make that change.

Both supporters and opponents of the “campus carry” bill have aggressively lobbied the governor over the last few weeks.

We approached local campuses for comment. Georgia Southern University and Armstrong State University sent us this statement:

“We sincerely appreciate Governor Deal’s veto of House Bill 859. We recognize this was not an easy decision for the Governor to make.
The vast majority of our faculty, staff, parents and students are concerned about firearms on campus. As leaders of the University System of Georgia, we must provide the highest levels of safety and security to the 318,000 students we serve.
The Board of Regents, our 29 Presidents and campus police chiefs are fully committed to enhancing all aspects of our campus safety efforts across the university system.
We look forward to presenting our campus safety report to the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the House by August 1, 2016.”

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