March For Justice Held Days after Two Killings in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV-TV) – Two shootings this past week left a mother of five and another man dead. Neighbors and those who have also lost loved ones to violence in Savannah took to West Savannah for a march for justice.

After this week, the amount of homicides this year has doubled compared to this time in 2015. Family members of Hannah Brown joined in on the march so that not only her family find justice but that the community speak out for the dozens of other killings this year.

“We need to take a stand, we need to make a stand that we’re not taking this anymore,” says Brenda Curtis.

Neighbors and loved ones of Hannah brown walk Augusta avenue protesting her killer be brought to justice.

“She’s the epitome of motherhood. Beautiful young lady and died senselessly he life was taken away like it was just nothing,” Curtis adds.

Curtis lost her son Riccardo Morris, who was also a father last summer.

“We have no answers, we have a whole bunch of promises but no answers.”

More than seven shootings in Savannah this past week, now neighbors are asking where is the push back from the community that was seen throughout 2015.

“A mother of five children with two jobs died. Where’s everybody at? The park,” asks Tonya Toney who lives a street from where the shooting happened.

Eighteen people have been killed in Savannah this year.

“There is a sense of hopelessness, in our community I think there is a sense of discouragement. I think that there’s a sense that no one is caring,” says Senator Lestor Jackson.

There is a sense of frustration from those who are still shaken up from the Thursday shooting.

“Somebody tell me how a mother lays out there and gets gunned down like a dog. Seventy shots and no body saw anything  and that was behind my house,” says Toney.

As brown’s family continues to grieve and west Savannah tries to heal from its loss, these neighbors want change from leaders, law enforcement, and the public.

“Stop being afraid, we’re afraid too lets admit it, all of us know we’re not invincible but if we keep being quiet we’re going to keep seeing funerals,” says Toney.

Neighborhood leaders tell News 3 the family will lay Brown to rest later next week.


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