Family of Murdered Mom Speaks out Saying They Forgive her Killer

Family members of 36 year old Hannah Brown who was shot to death inside car in West Savannah early Thursday morning say they forgive whoever is responsible for the killing. “We don’t do violence in our family and my first reaction was who would do this to our Hannah?” says Carolyn Milton, the aunt of the victim.

Milton was flanked by her parents, Carrie and Lawrence Reynolds (who are Hannah’s grandparents.)

Milton says her sister Deborah (Hannah’s mother) was inside the home early Thursday morning with Hannah’s four children.  She says Hannah was dropping off her oldest daughter who is 17 years old.  “And then Hannah was going to go to work at her second job,” says Milton.  “But just as she drove up there were gunshots, her car was still running.”

Milton says Hannah’s teenage daughter was still in the car and that the family is grateful the barrage of bullets that killed Hannah did not kill the teenager as well. = “That is something we have to be grateful for and we are,” she told me.

Milton says everyone in the extended family is trying to be strong for Hannah’s five children (ages 17, 14, 13 and 7 year old twins.)

I told her several neighbors on Newcastle Street had indicated they were concerned for the children but Milton told us “they will be all right, we will take care of them.”

Mrs. Reynolds put her hand on MIlton’s shoulder several times during the interview saying several times “we just pray to God.”

And then Milton told us “we forgive the person or persons who did this to our Hannah, that’s the only way we can move forward.  We will make it but we just ask the community to help.  If anyone knows anything, we’re asking them to come forward so justice can be served.”

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