Enchanted Fashion Show to support future minds

A Savannah business woman is investing her time to get people to earn their education.
With the help of several business owners, Celebrations Unlimited presented “The Enchanted Forest Fashion Show” at Cohen Retreat.
This event opens another chapter in the gateway of hope for adults to finish their education.
Local designers put their work and models in the show to shine light on endless possibilities.
The woman behind Future Minds Literacy and Adult Education Inc. says this fundraiser will help many get back on track.

“It will assist with the books.  It will also assist with GED Prep.  It also assist with the official GED test,” explains Zelonia Williams.

The talent and creativity of this fashion show was inspiring.
Those involved say it’s a gift from their hearts to help save our community.

“The success rate is beyond measure.  So I am so excited. Thus far this year we have graduated 4 individual who passed their GED test.”
Williams is a strong believer that everyone has potential.
For more information about her educational program call
(912) 596-1420.


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