New Law Requires SC Students Taught CPR

“Staying alive” the popular CPR technique is what high school students around the palmetto state will learn how to do next year–thanks to a new law.

“It’s priceless, I don’t know why we even need to have a law really to do it. it makes sense, and I’m very excited to be part of a state that finds it important,” says Julie Kizer, education officer with the Bluffton Fire Dept.

Spokespeople from the Beaufort County School District tell NEWS 3 that they appreciate the value this adds to the curriculum but are waiting for direction from the state on how to implement this. But they say they are looking to community partners like the Bluffton Fire Department for help.

“Utilizing CPR certainly increases ten-fold the chances of somebody surviving such an the more folks that are not only aware, but are willing to render such aid, surely will improve our chances of survival and help a lot of folks live a long and prosperous wonderful life,” says Lt. Lee Levesque or Bluffton Fire Dept.

Levesque says they will do whatever they can to help the schools–he says having these students know how to administer CPR will help all of us  in a life or death situation.

“To get that oxygenated blood to the brain, will buy time for us as emergency responders to get there, is a phenomenal first step in what we know as the chain of survival in a cardiac event.”

The law was signed by Governor Haley this past Friday and the CPR training will become part of the state’s high school health curriculum next school year.

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