World Meteorological Organization retires storm names Erika, Joaquin and Patricia

The World Meteorological Organization announced Monday it will retire the names Erika and Joaquin in the Atlantic… and the name Patricia in the eastern North Pacific.

The three storms occurred during last year’s hurricane season.

Erika was only a tropical storm… but its torrential rains inflicted casualties and damage on the Caribbean island of Dominica. More on Erika can be found at

Joaquin was a category 4 hurricane whose strong winds and storm surge devastated parts of the central and southeastern Bahamas last October. Joaquin took the lives of 34 people at sea… including the 33 crewmembers of the cargo ship El Faro which sank during the storm.

Joaquin is the strongest October hurricane known to have affected the Bahamas since 1866. More on Joaquin can be found at

Patricia was a late-season very intense hurricane that intensified at an extraordinary rate in the eastern Pacific. It became a cat 5 over very warm waters to the south of Mexico… and is the strongest hurricane on record in the eastern North Pacific and North Atlantic basins.

Patricia weakened before making landfall last October along a sparsely populated part of the coast of southwestern Mexico as a category 4 hurricane. More on Patricia can be found at

The history on the naming tropical cyclones can be found at

Information courtesy of NOAA’s National Hurricane Center.

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