Garden City Police Officer makes history

GARDEN CITY, Ga. – Garden City has their first ever Police Major after Captain Gil Ballard was promoted to the rank on Wednesday.

A promotion at the Garden City Police Department Wednesday.

Gil Ballard officially was named as a Major by Chief David Lyons.

Ballard has been with the department for more than 20 years, lauded for leading patrol and criminal investigations divisions during his time in Garden City.

The new Major says while he has worked hard, he couldn’t have gotten here without his fellow officers.

Major Gil Ballard/Garden City Police: “Anytime someone gets promoted to a certain rank you have to understand that although there are things you could do professionally, whether its training or educational, you certainly cant get there without a team. And i’m thankful for the team that I am surrounded by. We’re a professional organization and provide a professional service.”

Ballard becomes the first full duty major in the department’s history.

Also promoted, Captain Joseph Papp, who will now take over Garden City Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division.


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