Today is five year anniversary of massive tornado outbreak

Today is the five year anniversary of the tornado outbreak on April 27th, 2011.


Even though the tornado outbreak was forecasted day in advance, that day there were 316 fatalities total with 31 in Mississippi, 234 in Alabama, 32 in Tennessee, 15 in Georgia, and 4 in Virginia. There were more than 4,200 injuries and more than $4.2 billion in damage.


All of the fatalities from the tornadoes happened within the tornado watch areas. The areas where the fatalities happened also had tornado warnings issued ahead of them. The average amount on lead time from the tornado warnings until the tornadoes hit was just over 22 minutes. The false alarm ratio was just under 50%.


Some of the reasons for so many deaths may include that there were so many long track, violent tornadoes, that the tornadoes went through densely populated areas, the storms moved extremely quickly, and not enough people had storm shelters.


The full report can be read at:

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