Can your Grandmother cook? She could win 10K in Food Network competition

SAVANNAH, Ga. – The Savannah Film Commission posted that the Food Network is casting a new show called “Clash of the Grandmas.”

The show pits two grandmothers head to head in a cooking competition with celebrity judges deciding the winner.

That winner will take home $10,000.

They are looking for grandmothers of all types and cooking specialties and they are casting nationwide.  The selected grandmothers will be flown to Los Angeles and accommodations will be provided. Filming is currently scheduled to take place from May 15th, 2016 – June 10th.

Each contestant selected should be away from home no more than four days.

Anyone intrested in applying should send an email the following to

General Info: Name, Age, Number of grandchildren, Best contact phone number and email address, Current city & state
– A couple of current photos of the candidate (They do not need be professional photos. One headshot-type and one full-body would be great.) Have fun with it!
– Several photos of savory food items she’s prepared (Presentation is very important. :)) Dishes should be individually plated and beautiful.
– A description of her style of cooking …What she’s known for… Describe a signature dish. 
– Culinary Experience… Professional experience is not a requirement, but if you have it, please tell us about it. Please also mention any cooking classes taken, contests entered, etc.).

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