UPDATE: Three arrested in Rincon stabbing / arson

RINCON, Ga. Rincon Police, with help of various agencies in and around Effingham County, arrested three suspects for the robbery turned stabbing turned arson on April 22nd.

It happened at a home on Sherwood Drive.  Police say the three suspects, identified as 28-year-old Cammy Jackson, 20-year-old China Lonon, and 23 year old Arturo Lopez, broke in and attacked a home owner with a large knife.

Investigators said they then set fire to the home before running to a getaway car.

Lopez and Lonon are facing multiple charges including Armed Robbery; Conspiracy to Commit Arson 1st Degree; Criminal Trespass; Arson 3rd Degree; Obstruction; Aggravated Assault; Terroristic Threats; Party to a Crime to Criminal Attempt to Murder and Cruelty to Animals.

Jackson is facing charges of Party to a Crime Robbery, Possession Marijuana; Possession of a Drug Related Object.

The three suspects are in the Effingham Count Sheriff’s office awaiting arraignment.

We have yet to receive Lonon’s mugshot

Arturo Lopez
Arturo Lopez
Cammy Jackson
Cammy Jackson


China Lonon
China Lonon

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