Parents Contacts News 3 after fight at High School Posted on Social Media

It’s not a pleasant video to watch, young people fighting at school. In this case a parent contacted us after she saw video of two fights posted on social media.  She told her son tried to break up the first fight which appears to show a girl being attacked by a group.  A second video shows two girls beginning to fight and others joining in, and apparently some of those in the second fight are the same as those involved in the first altercation.

This all happened last Thursday on school grounds. The parent and a school spokesperson assured us that groves officials did know about it and have been looking into the fight since it happened.

Sheila Blanco, Savannah-Chatham County Public School System, “The school initially was handling it as an administrative matter as many things are handled at the school level but when the parent expressed concerns, then campus police opened it up as a criminal investigation and they are still looking into what led to the actions that you see on those videos,” said Sheila Blanco, spokesperson for the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System.

A second fight apparently happened sometime after the first one, again possibly involving the same people.  “You’re certainly seeing more incidents that show up on social media now,” said Blanco. “That’s the nature of today’s society where everyone has a cell phone on them.”

Officials say students who violate the code of conduct will be disciplined.  “And once the investigation is complete by campus police they will determine what if any action is needed against whichever students they determined to have been involved in this,” said Blanco. “Savannah Chatham County Schools takes fighting seriously because we always want students to have a safe learning environment and obviously the actions that you see on those videos do not not reflect the type of behavior that we expect from our students.”

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