Chatham Co. Sheriff’s Deputy fired, arrested after assault on an inamate

SAVANNAH,GA (WSAV) – On Monday, April 18th an inmate, Jonathon Mahone, broke the sprinkler head in his cell that flooded both his and two cells next to him. According to Pete Nichols with the Chatham County Sherrif’s Office (CCSO), Sergeant Charlesette Hawkins, who also worked for CCSO, disciplined the inmate and put him in a restraint chair in full view of her coworkers and cameras.

A little more than an hour after placing the inmate in the restraints, Sergeant Hawkins attempted to escort a nurse to check on the restraint chair’s straps and Mahone’s vital signs. The inmate spit in Hawkin’s face and she warned the nurse about her safety and instructed her to “get me the spray”.

She sprayed the inmate twice with pepper spray. The nurse checked the chair’s straps and the inmate’s vital signs and left the inmate in the chair for a bit longer when Hawkins returned with a towel and milk to wipe the spray from the inmate’s face.

Due to her actions, Sergeant Hawkins was fired and charged with Cruelty to an Inmate.

Mahone is being charged with destruction of government property.

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