Savannah Challenger Finals

Savannah, GA – Today, Sunday, April 24th was the final round for both the doubles and singles matches at the St. Joseph’s Candler Savannah Challenger. Competing in the doubles matches were Raja and Sharan playing against Baker and Harrison. Brian Baker and Ryan Harrison won in a tiebreaker, they had this to say, “When you get to play in an environment where people really appreciate the tennis you bring there, it’s fun. It’s what we’ve been excited to do since we were kids, looking at big stadiums. People here are right on top of the court, so you hear them and they appreciate good tennis. I don’t think it was too bipartisan for us but we did appreciate the hometown support.”

The singles championship, Bjorn Frantangelo faced 19 year old Luke Donald, who struggled all match. Frantangelo played 5 sets on Saturday, but was able to push through the exhaustion and beat Donald.

“Woke up this morning sore but mentally I pushed through it, felt good at the start of the match, midway through the 2nd I started to lose my legs. Happy to do that in 2 sets, because I’m not gonna lie, I’m tired right now. But I’m happy to win the title, means a lot to me, and I’ll take the confidence into the next few weeks.”


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