Road Closures continue in Garden City for Railroad Work

GARDEN CITY, Ga (WSAV-TV) – Road closures are continuing this week for Garden City neighbors and those using highway 21 to Savannah. Last week, similar railroad construction caused some serious traffic problems.

“So, we had a mess,”says Garden City Mayor Don Bethune.

It was a mid week mess for neighbors along Big Hill road in Garden City with railroad work closing the street. The city knew construction was taking place, but Mayor Bethune says they were told it would only happen for two days, not three in a row.

“They didn’t notify the city they didn’t notify the residents so I was starting to get a number of phone calls we came over here, we had three school buses we had all kind of residents,” says the mayor.

CSX initially closed Big Hill road for the replacement of rail tiles which blocked the main entrance. The only other way for residents to get to their homes was through a Norfolk Southern rail yard access road, but the rail company closed that off as well.
CSX released a statement to News 3 regarding the incident.

.  We apologize for the temporary inconvenience these closures may cause and appreciate the community’s patience as we work as safely and swiftly as possible to complete this work.

Bethune says the miscommunication will not happen this week as construction continues.

“We have assurances from Norfolk Southern that they will be allowed to go through their yard we’re hiring some off duty Garden City police officers to escort them through that yard because it is a working train yard.”

CSX says work projects are always subject to change in lenght of time due to weather or other issues with scheduling. The mayor plans to hold a meeting so that hopefully in the future, communication with the rail company will be stronger.

“I understand that the Georgia ports traffic is going to double in the next ten years, it’s going to have a very negative impact on Garden City and I just want to make sure we have a good understanding with the railroad and that we plan for the future, it’s all about communication, it’s all about being partners and it’s all about being a good neighbor.”

As the railroad work looks to continue this week, it will not only affect neighbors along Big Hill road, but those who commute along 307 or highway 21.

Here’s the detour route recommended by the Georgia Department of Transportation:

The detour routes will be signed as follows:                  

Traffic traveling northbound on S.R. 307 will detour westbound on US 80/SR 26 (Louisville Road) for 2.8 miles to I-95; travel northbound on I-95 for 4.2 miles to exit onto Jimmy Deloach Parkway (Exit 106); turn right onto Jimmy Deloach Parkway to travel 2.4 miles to SR 21 (Augusta Road); travel 2.4 miles southbound on SR 21 to SR 307 where the detour ends.

Traffic traveling southbound on SR 307 will detour southbound on SR 21 for 1 mile to merge onto Burnseed Boulevard; travel on Burnseed Boulevard for .02 mile to US 80/SR 26; travel on US80/SR 26 for 3.4 miles to SR 307 where detour ends.


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