Orange Bust, Week Two of Orange Crush All Rumors

Tybee Beaches Relatively Clean Post-Orange Crush (Image 1)

It was your typical day at the beach today on Tybee.

There were your groups, individuals, and families, enjoying the sand and the sun, basically what you’d normally see, but for many that wasn’t  what they expected-. They were preparing for Orange Crush part two.

“We’ll give it time, but I’m not real fond of the turnout right now,” said Jayda Cheaves.

As one beach-goer put it, “The only party that’s down here right now  is the one we brought.”

If you were expecting a second party–you were in for a rude awakening.

“We’re here for Orange Crush, we got a beach house and everything is not going as planned you know. but we’re still here to have a good time,” Chaves said.

Rumors swirled all week that this was the “true” party weekend–and for some it made them question their day at the beach.

“We were thinking about it but it didn’t matter to us. Because we were going to come to the beach anyhow. we wasn’t worried about the crowd we were going to get out here early and leave late,” said Irving Anderson.

But it turned out to be just rumors, no major party this weekend. And at the end of the day, the lack of Crush crowds, didn’t stop a day of fun in the sun for everyone.

“We’re just going to have fun we got a beach house, so we’re just going to kick back, turn up, and have fun. We don’t need the people, We got us.”

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