Carbon dioxide concentrations continue to rise… hit record levels again

Here is the very latest CO2 daily reading (April 19). From Scripps Institute of Oceanography.
According to NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography… carbon dioxide exceeded 409 parts per million for the first time in recorded history this month.
This growth is likely due to continued increases in fossil fuel use and the largest El Niño in close to 20 years.
Also of concern… the growth rates of CO2 measurements are now the fastest on record.

In February of this month… reading averaged around 403 ppm. They briefly hit 409 ppm earlier this month… and are now back down to a little less than 405 ppm. This huge 2 month jump is likely cyclical in nature… there is often a rather big uptick in CO2 through the winter and early in April… then concentrations will often peak in later in April or in May. Carbon dioxide emission then decrease late spring and summer as photosynthesis and plant growth take it in. Later in the fall and winter into early spring values then cyclically rise again.

Here is a look at this phenomenon… showing CO2 values over the past year at the Mauna Loa Observatory.

For more on current CO2 levels… visit

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