Indiana couple hit with anti-gay slur vandalism

NEW CASTLE, Ind (WISH) – A same-sex couple feels violated after their cars were tagged with anti-gay slurs.

  • WARNING: Some viewers may find video content disturbing

For three years, Ryan Kennedy has lived at his place in New Castle. His sexual preference never seemed to be a problem — until he checked his SUV this weekend.

“It looked like there was sun streaks on the car, it just looked like the light, and as I got closer I noticed that the streaks weren’t moving or anything from cars passing by,” Kennedy said.

Yellow paint covered his vehicle. “But on this side when I walked around from the gas cap all the way up to the mirror, big letters that said, ‘AIDS,’” Kennedy said.

This wasn’t all. As Kennedy looked at his partner’s car he noticed the word, “fag.”

“It stings personally,” Kennedy said. “I mean, I probably don’t even know the person, but it’s obviously a very personal attack.”

Despite the amount of paint on the car, Kennedy said it didn’t cost much to fix. All it needed was a quick spray of wax, and then with the buff of a towel the paint went away.

Not all spots were removed, and the car is peppered with paint dust.

“I’m still antsy,” Kennedy said. “I’m parking my cars in various places around the neighborhood that way I can kind of, not distract, but keep the bullseye off of me.”

As for finding a new place to live? “It’s the only thing I can afford, so I’m kind of stuck here,” Kennedy said.

Which is why Kennedy hopes someone comes forward to bring him ease to a street he calls home. “I would hope that someone would come forward, take responsibility, be an adult about it,” Kennedy said. “Don’t be a 14-year-old child.”

Kennedy said he’s installing cameras to prevent someone from doing it again. New Castle officers said they haven’t made any arrests.

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