Historic Pipe Organ could make it’s way back to Lucas Theatre

A Savannah businessman wants the Lucas Wurlitzer pipe organ back on Broughton Street. Stratton Leopold says, if you couple the organ with some silent films, downtown will be hoppin’ again.

“It would be amazing,” Leopold says. “Could you imagine at noon every day a free concert? People come in and hear the organ. This is being done in other cities.”

Not only would the pipes boost the economy; the keys could be a lesson in film history.

“Especially Savannah with the students here and the adults, retrospective of silent films. Wings was the first one that won an Oscar. That would be amazing to show that with this organ.”

Before it takes the stage, it needs new pipes, door bells and tuning to get back in shape. Plus, a healthy environment to entertain an audience.

“The organ needs very precise air conditioning to keep it in good playing shape,” Leopold says. “The first thing is to get the air conditioning replaced and some roof that needs to be done. Then we’ll install the organ.”

The organ is in pieces and to fix it could cost $600,000. But Leopold feels the music must go on.

“It’s a large effort but I’m confident in the city that we’ll do it. We want to invite all of the other rotary groups to make it a united effort. We’ll take the lead but we want everyone to help us and the City of Savannah to help us.

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