UPDATE: Search continues into the night for missing kayaker near Lazaretto Creek

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV-TV) – Coast Guard officials tell News 3 they will continue their search into the evening for a missing kayaker. They have scaled back crews in the search this evening as it marks more than 24 hours since the kayaker was reported missing.

The search for a missing kayaker near Tybee Island goes into the evening extending the search efforts to more than twelve hours.

“I have seen quite a few helicopters flying around and matter of fact they even circled around me out there but my prayers are with that family and with that kayaker,” says kayaker Kevin Edwards.

The wife of the 38-year old kayaker informed law enforcement that he had not returned from his trip Sunday evening. Edwards has fished on Lazaretto creek for more than three years and says fishing at night is not uncommon.”The latest I’ve thrown a bobber in, probably midnight.”

Metro police marine patrol, the Chatham county Sheriff’s office, DNR and the Coast Guard combed Tybee’s waters all day Monday and as the day comes to an end, nothing of the kayaker or his vessel has been found.

“There’s so many names that we know out here, so it will hit home that’s for sure,” Edwards adds.

Edwards does not know who the kayaker may be nor if he had the needed safety equipment for his trip, but he says if you plan on fishing alone, at night, and given the rough conditions Tybee was seeing over the weekend, that it’s never a good idea to go out alone or without a means to contacting someone if in distress.

“Usually we go in groups and fish with a buddy, it’s not advised to fish by yourself but if you do follow a float plan and make sure somebody knows where you’re at at any given time.”

Coast Guard officials say there is search boat that will continue the search throughout the night into the morning. It is uncertain at this time if Metro police or the Sheriff’s office will rejoin the search.

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