Orange Crush Clean-Up: Collaboration between city & volunteers makes clean up easier


The Orange Crush Beach Bash has come to an end this weekend.

And local volunteers didn’t miss a beat when it came to cleaning up the beach area on Tybee Island.

Thousands of people hit the beach on Tybee Island this weekend—

Many worried that lots of visitors would mean more trash left behind and even more time to clean it up.

But with the collaboration of city leaders, workers and volunteers, the trash was gone in no time!

“We’re here helping out the city, just so many volunteers out!”

And by “we”, Tim Arnold means the “Tybee Clean Beach” volunteers–one of several groups that hit the sand to help.

“It’s a non-profit and we have a group of volunteers that are local and some from Wilmington Island and the surrounding area that come out and clean the beach every Sunday evening,” Arnold told News 3.

The group says they come out the morning after big events–leading them to do a little cleaning as the sun came up on Sunday morning.

“Unfortunately there’s a lot of trash on the beach and it blows up into dunes and we try to beat it before the tide taking it out. so the reason we got out here really early was to try to get the bulk of the heavy stuff before the tide got it or the wind got it,” Arnold said.

And with more than 200 volunteers and so many hands and buckets ready to collect, the trash didn’t stand a chance!

“It’s really been a great response by everybody, it’s really made a big difference, and finished this up pretty quickly.”

Quickly enough that volunteers were still able to enjoy a little bit of Tybee Time.

“It’s just really heartening to see people from all ages, sizes, shapes, so early–this is tough, this is serious stuff to get here this early on a windy Sunday morning,” said Arnold.

Arnold says there were more volunteers than clean-up equipment this morning.

Because of the awesome turnout, he says Tybee Clean Beach volunteers are building up to handle bigger jobs in the near future.

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