Website-buliding workshop targets small business owners

A Savannah woman is part of a growing trend to grow her small business: She designed her own website.

There’s an event in downtown Savannah Wednesday that can help entrepreneurs through the same process.

Zelonia Williams has an event-planning company called Celebrations Unlimited. She designed using the drag and drop tools provided by Weebly.
Weebly is one of several web hosting companies aiming to make it easier to design a website, but Weebly is currently offering some in-person help.

It’s part of a high-tech road trip through the South that’s stopping in Savannah.

Williams says she’s attending the workshop to get help with a new site for a separate business she has started.

“We often times give all the reasons why we cannot do something and the question is why not?” said Williams. “Taking that chance and having the right individuals in place to guide you is awesome.”

Weebly is calling the unusual effort the “LIke A Boss” tour and is trying to create 1000 bosses in the 10 days of the trip.

The workshop is free, but there is a monthly fee to have Weebly host a website.

It’s being held in Johnson Square from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Participants are asked to bring a laptop or tablet, Weebly sites can be created and managed on a mobile device.

Visit this link to register in advance.

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