SCAD grad uses artistry to bring stories to life for children in new comic book series

Pictured above is Jarrett Williams working to create an issue of the Hyper Force Neo series.


If you’re a parent, you’ve probably tried many different ways to make reading fun for your children…

But with the help of a local writer and artist, your job may be easier this time around!

His name is Jarrett Williams and News 3’s Courtney Cole spoke to him to find out why he wants to make your child’s summer reading list!

“I was just always reading, reading, reading!”

And drawing, drawing, drawing!

Jarrett Williams says his passion for art and storytelling grew into a love for comic books.

“My mom would bring me to the grocery store and while she was shopping, she would leave me in the comic book aisle and then she would just buy me whatever I had in my hand,” Williams told News 3.

And now several years and a SCAD degree later, Williams wants to evoke those same feelings of excitement in kids of all ages– with the release of his comic.

“Hyper Force Neo is about a group of kids who live in the future. They find these mystical cosmic keys around the city that kind of unlock these new powers within them and help them get really cool suits, powers and also these giant robots that they can pilot too…and they use these powers and robots to help fight the aliens that have begun taking over their city,” said Williams.

But they also face regular, everyday challenges too!

“You actually see them in class, you see them juggling homework, dealing with their family relationships, trying to hang out with their friends and be normal kids.”

And another thing that you’ll see, something Williams says he’s pretty proud of, is the diversity of characters he uses to tell the story.

“And I think that’s really important for kids to see, because when I was growing up, I was looking for any character that looked like me in something else: whether that was movies, TV, cartoons, video games, and more often than not, they weren’t. And you kind of learn as a minority to still find hero traits in those characters,” Williams said.

He’s hoping to not only encourage kids to pick up an issue, but to pick-up in his footsteps.

“I’m hoping, too, even aspiring kids who want to grow up to be comic book artists can grow up to see my  comic and say, ‘hey, if Jarrett can do it, I can do it, too.”

The first issue will hit shelves on April 20th!


If you’d like to reach him:


Twitter: @JarrettWilliams

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