Planned Parenthood shooting court documents released to public

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Court documents from the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting case were released to the public Monday evening.

The documents include several search warrants and an arrest warrant for admitted shooter Robert Dear.

>See the documents here. 

Three people were killed and nine were injured in the shooting, which happened November 27 at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.

The shooting

According to arrest and search warrants, police first learned of the shooting around 11:30 a.m., when they received reports of more than 20 shots being fired from an automatic weapon. When officers from the Colorado Springs and UCCS police departments arrived, they immediately came under fire.

The warrants say several officers were shot and sustained injuries. One CSPD officer was shot in the left hand, one was shot in the left leg, one was shot in the left hand and upper left arm, and one was shot in the upper left arm. An El Paso County Sheriff’s Office sergeant was shot in the lower right leg. UCCS police officer Garrett Swasey was also shot, and died at the scene.

One other victim was found dead inside the front door of the building, and another was found dead in the parking lot.

Several hours after the shooting, as police were evacuating the building, Dear yelled that he was going to surrender and was contacted by tactical officers inside the building. As he was being placed into a patrol car, “he yelled out a statement about the killing of babies,” according to the warrants.

The interview

During an interview, Dear told detectives that while he was inside the building, he saw a police officer approaching a window with a gun. Because of the tint on the window, the officer could not see him. Dear shot him through the window. Police believe that officer was Garrett Swasey, who died from his injuries.

Dear also said he shot at other officers as they arrived on scene. He told detectives he had put propane tanks outside and planned to shoot them to make them explode. He did shoot them, but they did not explode.

At the time of his arrest, Dear had an injury to his right hand and one to his lower abdomen. He told detectives he was wearing a homemade ballistic vest.

Dear told detectives he had gone to the Planned Parenthood because he was upset with them performing abortions, and the selling of body parts.

During the interview, Dear told detectives he had previously vandalized an abortion clinic in South Carolina. He told them he had gone to the clinic and put superglue in all of the door locks, so employees could not get into the building.

Dear told detectives that he was happy, because his actions at the Colorado Springs clinic “ensured that no more abortions would be conducted at the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs,” according to search warrants.

The search warrants

Police received warrants to search:

  • A Samsung Chromebook that Dear’s girlfriend told police he used
  • Two email accounts Dear told police he used
  • Robert Dear himself
  • The Planned Parenthood building
  • Vehicles in the parking lot of the building
  • Utility records for two properties owned by Dear in North Carolina
  • Surveillance video from the Chase Bank next door to the Planned Parenthood
  • Dear’s Facebook account
  • Dear’s 2014 Toyota Tacoma pickup

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