WeatherWise Kids: Tornadoes vs Hurricanes

Do hurricanes last longer than tornadoes?

The answer is definitely yes!

While both are dangerous storms, hurricanes can last for days while tornadoes usually only last for minutes or hours. Hurricane John, which was in the Pacific Ocean, lasted 31 days when it formed in 1994!

Hurricanes are huge storms, they can be the size of several states! Tornadoes, although very powerful, are much smaller, usually more like the size of a neighborhood.

We usually know about hurricanes days in advance so we have plenty of time to prepare for them and get people to safety. With tornadoes, we might only know about them a few minutes before they happen, and sometimes have almost no warning at all.

It’s important to always follow the advice of meteorologists when these storms might be coming to your area. We’re here to keep you safe!

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