Postal Service changes coming to Pooler in much needed move by USPS

POOLER, GA (WSAV-TV) – Less traffic, more space, and a different place are all things Pooler neighbors want for their US post office. A decade long effort by the city now has federal employees looking into a new post office for the city.

For neighbors in Pooler it’s a long time coming for a new post office. Each day they say the current office sees long lines and heavy traffic because of how much Pooler has grown but the office has not.

“It is difficult getting in and out so I think the best thing for Pooler would be if it was larger,” says Joyce Lowry who has called Pooler home for more than eight years.

It’s that patron frustration city leaders have tried to relay to Washington for more than a decade now.

“Ten years ago would be about 2006 approximately we were already jumping in population by then and our numbers were just escalating fast,” says Mayor Mike Lamb.

There is a need to once again accommodate the fast growth in Pooler according to the mayor’s office. Mayor Lamb and the city have worked to cope with it, but the post office has remained untouched.

“It was probably two thousand people or so forty years ago now we’re talking about ten times that many plus,” Mayor Lamb adds.

That growth has caught the attention of USPS officials resulting in a Monday meeting between them and patrons on what they think is a solution. Grant Baker with the regional office says they plan to acquire a new space that would be more than 7,000 square feet with nearly 70 parking spaces.

“It be in a safely located place for the safety of the public like for when you come out. Safe driving and able to support the growth of Pooler,” says resident Benjamin Moultrie on what he wants in a new office.

Benjamin Moultrie says that growth has put the post office in this situation making it heavily congested and unsafe.
USPS officials talked about what they want the space to look like but have not talked about possible sites. Many want it down 80 at the Bi-Lo shopping cente. Moultire agrees along Pooler parkway is still a good idea.

“I think Pine Barren road, I think it’s a good location if they can get a feasible site there and safely move in and move out I think so.”

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